Do You Have A Complete
Financial Safety Net In Place?

1.Tax Planning – Now is a good time to plan for next year’s taxes.  What can you do to minimize them?  Make sure you completely understand the qualifications and ramifications of deductions.

2.Liability Insurance – Umbrella liability insurance is rather inexpensive and could potentially be a financial life saver in today’s litigation happy world.

3.Life Insurance – Life insurance is necessary if you have dependents if you have dependents who will suffer financially if you die.  If you have no dependents, it’s probably not necessary, although many people also use insurance as part of their estate planning and cash accumulation regardless of their dependent status.

4.Disability Insurance – The likelihood of being disabled is far greater for most people than the likelihood of dying during a given period of time, yet millions of people carry life insurance but no disability insurance.   This could be a necessity for those who do not have other financial resources they could tap in the event of an illness or injury.

5.401K or Pension Rollover – Changing jobs?  What should you do with your 401K?  Too many people see leaving a job as an opportunity to get their hands on the cash they have been saving for retirement, but you can do irreparable harm to your financial future by doing so.  Rolling the entire amount over to another tax-deferred plan should provide you with significantly higher retirement plan funds.

6.Retirement Planning – How are your retirement funds doing?  Are you contributing the maximum to your 401K plan?  Will your contributions be adequate?  If your employer does not have a 401K, set up an IRA on your own.

7.Last Will and Testament, Living Will, POA – Planning for this may not sound desirable but do not wait until it is too late.

8.Beneficiaries Updated – Do your beneficiaries need updated?

9.Credit Report – In today’s world it is imperative to know your credit status and to periodically monitor your credit report for accuracy.

Beucler Company CPA will only be successful if our clients are successful.  We recognize having a good advisor team to assist you is extremely important.  We will be more than happy to assist you with referrals for any of following.
Life Insurance
Retirement Planning
Disability Insurance

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